Amongst a 40th surprise birthday party, a gnarly workout, personal training people and barn yard sale shopping, I programmed the new PRIMAL 6 PACK PRGRAM!!!….

Mike’s cutie cat wanted to get in on the programming too (in all actuality, he pushes the laptop down my legs past my knees with his hind legs while kneading my stomach, purring and licking me.  He clearly needs all the attention).  Needless to say, this took a little longer than I had hopped.  But keep a look out for all the deets!

Mike and I also cooked an amazing dinner…

Guess where we got the recipe from?  Bingo… How Sweet It Is.  I linked the recipe below.  If you are not eating bread, this would taste delicious by itself or with a ton of veggies beneath it.


Speaking of How Sweet It Is… have you made the Milk Chocolate Cashew Butter yet??

Goodness gracious.  We both couldn’t seem to stop stealing little spoonfuls of it throughout the night.  Go make it… it will plaster and instant smile on your face.

Keep a look out for a couple things:

1.)  The info for the new program

2.) The transformers are going to write about their struggles/successes this week on the blog

3.)  I will post the new pictures of the Transformers later in the week to show you their progress.  I am excited!

Have a great Monday!

Ps-  Focus on your stretching this week.  Flexibility is soooo underrated!!