Hola!  Happy Friday!

I decided to drop by to share with you an amaaaazing nut butter recipe.  I think I ate all my calories for the day and its only 1pm.  Why?  Because I made this dang recipe and couldn’t stop “taste-testing” it.  I pulled a pooh bear again.  I was caught with my whole hand in the … not honey, but sticky gooey pb jar.  Or should I call it the CMCB Jar…Cashew Milk Chocolate… did you hear me??  Cashew Milk Chocolate Butter!! Now, I’m suuuure you can health-ify it by making it dark chocolate, but that wouldn’t fly with my boyfriend…

You see, we tend to waste our time late at night doing one of four things.  Cuddled on the couch with the computer stuffed between us looking at delectable rich recipes and “oohing and aahhing”over them, drooling over houses with the coolest architecture and design, researching cool islands and countries to visit (hoping one day we can save our pennies and explore) ooorrrr watching horror movies (we especially are into American Horror Story right now).  I have to admit… we do spend a large portion on the food blogs though. *Aren’t we fun?!*

One of our favorite blogs that we seem to get mesmerized pretty easily by is How Sweet It Is.  Ohmygoodness…. please check it out.  Mike found out that I like to make homemade nut butter and when he saw the picture and recipe for How Sweet It Is’s CMCB…. he freaked and asked me to make it for him.  A week later and his wish is granted.


Now go peruse her blog and make something that will make your tastebuds smile  :)  Have a great weekend!