Well, hello there!

*Before I get started I want to give you advice, ask for a favor, whatever you want to call it to help out this little blog.  You see, facebook is starting to make businesses pay money to promote their services.  If you do not pay, they drastically cut the amount of views your followers see.  So, when I use to advertise a blog post on facebook, anywhere between 50-100 people would see it… everytime.  Now since things are different, about 30 people see it.  Because this has been happening, the readership of each post has declined… by a lot.  My content has not changed so this is the only reason I can muster up for the lack of blog love.  If you would like me to keep blogging, please spread the word and please go onto facebook and do this…  Go to Bryn Athyn Workout Studio’s facebook page.  When you put your curser over the “like” button, a scroll bar will pop up after 3 seconds.  There is a line that says “add to interests”.  Click that and then you will see every post I put up.  Otherwise, you will not know I am writing new blog posts.  If the numbers do not increase, I will be limiting the number of times I blog each week.  Thank you for your cooperation!*

This weekend was jam packed with people I love.  I think I was making up for last weekend when I couldn’t get out of bed.  Friday night was spent with the chicks of the Tough Mudder team.  We laughed until no noises were coming out of our mouths and tears were streaming down our faces.  Saturday I made sure to get to work early to run 3 miles before I had to train and teach 2 classes.  Everything went smoothly and the Fitness Magazine Class was so much fun.  I love it.  I then went to get my hair done at Salon Bella Gente where Kelly Schleyer did her thang.  I walked out with a fresh head and a new color (I’m a little darker)!  I always like mixing things up!  Saturday night I drove into Media with my two fav ladies, Denise and Jen.  We went to dinner, ate fabulously and then crashed at their pad… watching the movie, Bachlorette.  Funny stuff!

Sunday came quickly and I found myself back with Denise (and my Mom) running the trails in Pennypack.  Denise pushed me on the run (she is a fast one) and I pushed her on the strength.. we did lunges, push ups, abs and supermans after the run.  My mom and I diverted from Denise and went to church… then to Feeney’s Nursery off of Bustleton Pike.

Oh my goodness, guys…. you have got to go there!  It was a magical winter wonderland.  We were there for 2 hours and I could have stayed longer.  We got a few things and I left with a smile on my face.  Holidays are always such a positive time for me.  When we got home I did some cleaning and made the best Chili Dinner.  Do you want the recipe?  Here you go!

Beef Chili (you can use turkey or chicken if you’d like)

yields 4

- 1 package of organic grass fed beef (about 16oz)

-2 tsp coconut oil or olive oil

- 1 chopped sweet oinon

- 4 stalks chopped celery

-2 cloves minced garlic and S&P

-1 can Busch’s Chili Beans

-1 cup water

-1/4 cup ketchup

- 5 drops tabasco

Sautee chopped celery and onion in the coconut oil with garlic, S&P on med-high heat.  Place that in bowl once done.  Then cook the beef in the same pan until lightly browned on low-medium heat.  Place the veggies back in to the pan with the beef.  Add more S&P, water, can of beans, ketchup and tabasco sauce.  Mix until all the ingredients are combined.  Turn heat to low and let simmer for 15 minutes.  Serve or let sit for a couple hours to let the flavors marinate.


Fun fact-  My dad came downstairs this morning and told me this little tid bit.  Bananas are filled with magnesium and potassium which are muscle relaxers.  We have it all wrong people, eat bananas after your workout, not before!  Whoops!  You learn something new everyday.

Leg Challenge- How are you guys doing?  Tomorrow I will be typing up new workouts for you.  I have actually seen some results!  They are not huge because it has only been a couple weeks, but I have been working hard on it.  I am glad that I have been drinking more water and I have noticed that I am fitting into my old jeans!  That is always a great feeling, right?!  If you have not had the best of success thus far, try again!  You have about 3 more weeks left!  Don’t give up.  For those of you seeing results, keep at it… just think how much more you will see in a little while longer.  You’re body will respond when you treat it right.

Thanksgiving is here.  Whatever “diet” you are on does not have to mold the way you eat this Thursday.  Let loose a little… don’t go wild, but enjoy yourself.. there is the rest of your life to be careful!  Need some recipes?  Here is a great link!


Also, don’t forget to burn some cals Thanksgiving morning!  Come to BAWS and I will help you do that!  8:30-9:30 class $10 per person.  Bring your friends and family!!