-I am sitting here typing away, but really wondering when my digits are going to crack off.  My fingers are so ice cold they are turning blue and I keep misspelling my words due to lack of feeling between my finger tips and the keys on the board.  I have Climate Corporation coming to check on my heater for me at BAWS.  I had a pretty nasty leak and they think the high winds pushed the rain into the heater and down through my roof.  On Monday, I filled a huge bucket of water within an hour.  Here’s to positive thinking about getting it fixed soon so I can be warm!  (clenk!)

Wowowow… November 1 huh?

-October wrapped up with a whomp whomp kind of a day for me.  Halloween is suppose to be about laughter, excitement, sugar-filled bellies, crunchy leave covered roads and chilly winds *cold outside but warm once you get into your heated home*.  This year there was a lack of all those warm fuzzy feelings.  The roads were filled with soggy leaves, no children and my house carried the chilly wind inside.  It started to make me really upset, but then I thought about the poor people in NJ/NY dealing with code red devastations.  At least the Partridge home had candles, candy and and laughter amongst ourselves.  I have to keep my emotions in check because it is so easy to feel bad for myself and the (actually minuscule) situation.  I think the month of November and Thanksgiving will have an extra special ring to it because by then we (meaning all those affected) will hopefully be surrounded by tables with a cornucopia of pleasures and an overabundance of family love.  Cheers to all good things in November… we are luckier than we think ;)

*I just got off the phone with my 5 year old niece, Whitney.  She told me she is going to come over my house so she can bring me electricity.  I can borrow hers*

-My workout today will consist around me trying not to get too sweaty.  We barely have hot water at my house to shower so I have no problem sponge bathing, but I can’t get my hair too sweaty because by the time I’m done washing my body, I will be showering in the arctic enema (tough mudder lingo).  Who knows when the next time I will be able to wash it will be!  I wanted to run 4-5 miles, but I think I will do an elliptical workout instead and finish with my lying leg workout from the leg challenge.  It seems as though my sweat sessions are going to be more on the “less than” side this week.  Speaking of the leg challenge…

I have been getting in a little cardio everyday and a little leg workout every other.  I am excited for Saturday’s Fitness Mag Class because we are going to hit them pretty hard.  Yesterday I did not eat as optimal as I would have liked.  For breakfast AND lunch I had greek yogurt with granola, for snacks I had a banana and apple and finally for dinner was my mom’s homemade chicken soup… no noodles.  Just chicken and veg. Then after dinner I had 1 reeses cup.  I wish I had more vegetables and less sugar.  Aim for it today, right!?  My water intake has been okay, I need to amp it up more though.

-Many times throughout the month, I go over to How Sweet It Is. It is a blog that I highly admire and swoon over all of her recipes, whether it be dinner, desert or breakfast.  I catch myself wasting large chunks of my time reading about and staring at her creations, but seem to never make any of them.  Well, friends, this one I will not let slip through the cracks.  I am going to make this and I am more than excited to share the link with you.  How colorful, crisp and fresh does that salmon look?  I am usually not one for cream sauce, but that is because I know how artery clogging it can be… also, the texture is a little too thick for me.  BUT this just wowed me and the fact that it is “light” really suckered me in.  If you are interested in the recipe and/or want to see fantastic photos that put mine to shame, I recommend checking it out.

Pan Crisped Salmon with Light Dijon Cream and Garlic Butter

Carpe Diem!