Hey, guys!

I give March 1st a little courtesy and sway my arm to the side, palm up, to welcome in VITALITY, ENERGY, HAPPINESS, HEALTH AND SLIMMING BODIES!

I have no idea how you will view this situation, but I waved February goodbye with a handful of dark chocolate candy and pistachio nuts last night!  I view the situation with two thumbs down because, although I did not go overboard, I definetly woke up this morning with a large stomach ache.  I guess that just goes to show that the past 5 weeks of Paleo eating has really been cleaning my insides.  I am so sensitive!  Note: taste over health?  HEALTH!

So, I said that I will be showing more of my eats and pictures of them… maybe this will help show you guys the correct portion sizes and the macronutrients of how I have been eating.

Breakfast:  Breakfast is very important and I am trying to stay away from oatmeal, cereal, waffles, things of that nature.  That makes me crave carbs and sugar for the rest of the day.  Lately I have been eating omelets, sunny side up eggs with sauteed veggies, carrots and celery in nut butter and a protein shake, smoothies or… tuna fish.  I know.  That sounds weird, but once you stop thinking of breakfast as a time to eat heavy carbs and sugary things, you tend to get creative.  I ate a bowl of tuna fish this morning because I wanted to distance myself as far as possible from the feelings of my stomach hurting.  Protein seemed key.  It went undocumented.  I also had 1/2 cup of hot green tea.

I went to work, trained some clients, worked out and came home to make myself a delicious lunch my client has been telling me about.  While the dish was cooking in the oven, I took a small spoonful (3/4 tsp?) of sunflower seed butter.

I preheated the oven to 450 degrees, took a head of romaine, cut it in half length wise, and placed it in a baking dish.  Sardines made their way into a bowl with a tbsp of minced garlic and a large squeeze of lemon.  I mixed it up and slide the mixture into all the nook and crannies of the lettuce.  Sprinkled s&p on it and placed lemon slices on top.  Baked for 8 minutes.  I ate one of the halves.  I really enjoyed it, but I have to admit… I drizzled a little of Paul Newman’s Italian Dressing on top.

I used my beloved blender after I ate to make myself a choc blub smoothie!  In the blenda went:

1/2 cup blueberries, ice, big handful of baby spinach, 1.5 cups almond milk, 1.5 scoops choc protein powder and 1 tbsp organic dark choc cocoa.

Pack it up and hit the road.  Destination… BAWS

I have a couple more clients to train this afternoon, a bootcamp class and then I will find myself parked at my dinning room table eating the other half of the deconstructed “caesar salad”.  I have been enjoying a hot cupa green tea after dinner.  Who knows, maybe another spoonful of my fav… sunflower buttah!

Have a great day guys!  Eat clean, train smart, discipline your brain.