Happy St Patty Week!

If you are in the green spirit, aka- hung over from the weekend or anxiously awaiting until the 17th to indulge… I have the perfect cure for your hang over or to bide time.  Why don’t you drink a little homemade healthy version of  Baileys Irish Cream for dessert?!  But keep in mind- I said “a little”…


Your welcome. *wink*

I had the best day yesterday.  Seriously.  It started off with a great breakfast of eggs and nut butter on celery sticks and then ended with a piece of organic 86% dark chocolate and a cup of black cherry tea on the couch.  Let’s see… what was the filler…

After breakfast, the Spartans tackled a brutal hill run at PennyPack Watershed.  All in all it was 3 miles, but we also incorporated squats, push ups and jump ropes after each killer hill.  It felt AWESOME to get out and breath in fresh air, not to mention, have the sun hit my face.  I came home and refueled with a mish mosh of food while my nieces pretended I was a jungle gym… organic grass fed hot dog, olives, pickles and sauerkraut (no bun).  Since I wasn’t “the real deal” of a jungle gym, my sister and I decided to walk them to the park about a half mile away.  I had a ton of fun!  I played like a little kid on that darn playground.  It felt great just to climb around, jump in dirt, swing on the swings and do flips on the swing set bars.  After a good 45 minutes, I got another “masked” workout in by piggy-backing Whitney all the way home… ugh, up hill.  (I then drank a protein drink and ate about 8 cashews) The ultimate though was when we got home she hugged me, kissed me and thanked me for playing with her.  That melted my heart.  The simple things in life…

My sister, mom and I had a fashion show in my room because we have to attend a wedding in Texas and no one had outfits. We were trying on each other’s dresses, shoes and jewelry.  It was hysterical because clothes were EVERYWHERE… girls dream.  I realized that no matter what my mom threw on her frame, she looked awesome.  She use to do a bunch of spinning back in the day with pilates… but since she ditched that type of chronic cardio and has been coming to BAWS (body weight training and heavy lifting), she dropped about 1-2 dress sizes!  Go Mom!  After finding our respected outfits, my sister and I built up an appetite and wanted some sister-bonding time.  We rushed out the door and headed to a sushi joint.

I started off with an avocado house salad and a couple pods of edamame.  (Sorry, I ate most of it before I remembered I had my camera).  Then I chose three slices of smoked salmon sashimi and three slices of yellow fin tuna sashimi.  Oh boy, I was in heaven.  They melted in my mouth.

My sister also order the salad, had some edamame and ordered two rolls.

We laughed so dang hard my cheeks hurt.  She was mainly making fun of me the whole time… Anyway, we made it home and I called it quits for the day.

This morning I woke up with my morning obsession on my mind… Chocolate Berry Bomb Smoothie… oh yeaaaaah!  (With a scoop of nut butter)  For lunch I packed myself a unique salad that I think I will share because it hit every one of my tongue’s taste bud senses: (That’s a tongue down there by the way).  But not only was it delicious, it was creamy, crunchy and fresh.

Chicken Bacon Avocado Salad:

Yeilds 3 salads:

3 cups mixed arugula

3 stripes cooked bacon

8 oz grilled chicken (or cooked however you want)

1 avocado

1 medium cucumber

2 scallions

1/2 lime

1 tbsp olive oil

S&P and any other fresh herbs you like (I used rosemary)

* Chop everything up into bite size pieces, toss into a bowl (leave out the lettuce), sprinkle on the S&P, drizzle on the evoo, and squeeze the lime juice on.  Mix gently, plate the lettuce and place the salad mixture on top.  Wala!

I had a hard time figuring out a snack, so I just threw in beef jerky and baby carrots into my bag again.  I know- boring…. but tasty, quick and healthy.  Tonight, we are definitely having Paleo Shepard Pie.  Here is the link if you are interested…


*No Yoga this Wednesday.  Natasha is out of town.

**LYB members- do not miss tomorrow!  Mystery trainer will be here.