Gah, takes my breath away.

My favorite memories of fall are when the air is crisp, the chlorophyl drains from the limbs of the tress leaving the once green foliage now bursting with brightly colored orange, red and yellow leaves, the scent of smoky wood burning from the chimney tops or from the back yard bon fires, little children running around the neighborhood with their pressed blue jeans on, throwing on your best but old hoody, snuggling up in a warm, cozy blanket reading your favorite book with a flavorful cup of tea and last but definitely not least, the taste of the spicy, dense autumn food .  Oh the food!

Since this is Think Thin Thursday, I thought I would create a mouth watering, body conscious fall menu.  This is a perfect layout for a family get together, wow your future parent-in-laws, boyfriend, girlfriend, or bring one of the dishes to a potluck dinner!  Either way, you will leave a lasting impression along with a warm and smiling tummy!

Starters:  Green Salad with a Cranberry Vinaigrette



Main Dish:  Chicken Stew with Shallots, Cider and Butternut Squash



Dessert:  Deep Dish Apple Pie OR Baked Stuffed Apples with Dried Cherries and Walnuts





*Disclaimer* All of these photos are not mine, they came directly from the site I got the recipe from.

Enjoy and happy thin eating!!